Impact the Community 1
Our scholarship committee congratulated the winners by stopping by and dropping off balloons and flowers.
South Lakes High School Winner: Tessa Belanger
With an incredibly strong score, the committee was overwhelmed with Tessa’s idea of a kindness tree to help improve the mental health of others. One of her references described her as being a “catalyst for change” and the committee couldn’t agree more! 
Herndon High School winner: Gabriela Mejia
The committee was impressed with the community service-focused organization that Gabriella founded, Herndon High School’s Plant-Based Powered club. Her club focuses on emphasizing a vegan lifestyle, healthy living, and giving back to the community through participating in community service events. One of her references mentioned that “she wants to take control of her life and guide the direction of her future! Soar, Gabriela soar!
Life Ticket Church winner: Leila Copeland
Leila is a member of Life Ticket Church. Her character is contagious and a light to everyone around her. Pastor Dorion Baker noted that “not only is Leila a great teacher’s assistant, but she also displays tremendous toughness to overcome adversity”. We can’t wait to see all that God has in store for you Leila! Thank you for your service here at Life Ticket Church!