demonstrate 1

We believe that God has demonstrated His love for us by giving us His Son through showing us real love. We make our love known through serving the hurting and the hopeless in our actions.  

– ROMANS 5:8

We believe that we have access to the best and we refuse to be denied. We have the heart of the Master and rule in the earth with the dominion given to us. We celebrate victories won and constantly launch out into better.

– JOSHUA 1:16


We believe that because He freely gave, we can also freely give. We are here to extend to every person we meet the same life, joy, peace, strength and all good things that we
have received by His grace.

– MATTHEW 10:8

We believe that everything we need has already been provided for. We have overcome doubt with the faith in knowing God has already “done” every word He has promised for us.

– MATTHEW 6:10



Our lives have been forever changed by the love of Jesus…

We believe this is our time to share that love with more people than ever before.  Leah and I have been married for 17 years.  We love doing life and ministry together and we know that God brought us together to be an effective team.  We have been blessed with two of the most gifted and kindhearted children ever in our daughter, Destiny (13) and our son, DJ (12).  We will never take for granted God’s grace upon our family.  We have made building our family from the inside out our first priority and helping to build other families that exemplify God’s love and favor.

For 7 years, from 2007 – 2014, we have been part of the leadership team of Word Alive Church Int’l in Manassas, VA.  We served as the youth pastors, but God had always maintained in us a strong passion for people who never come to the church or avoid church.  My wife and I stepped out once before to pastor a church in Leesburg, VA where families were blessed by the ministry, but we neglected to do ministry with a team to fully share in the dream and fully share in the work.  We learned the hard way to never do ministry alone.  From our experience under Bishop Wesley T. Cherry, Sr, we learned the value of order, serving in leadership, and leading through service.  In Bishop Cherry’s words, “God brought us into order to bring us back out in order.”

In early 2014, we felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to quickly identify a succession plan for the youth ministry and launch out to plant a life-giving church in Northern VA.  We believe in the “power of done” – God is accomplishing His purpose in our lives right now – and that God’s will for Herndon is being manifested.  Through prayer and fasting, the Holy Spirit confirmed in us the vision for serving the people of Herndon and the surrounding areas.  Herndon is viewed as one of the many transitory areas in Northern VA.  Families aspire to work hard, save money, and then move west or further south into more spacious family lifestyles filled with new schools, new homes and new malls.  We believe Herndon is a great place to live and filled with great people who believe life can be better than what it is for them right now. That is why the Baker family moved a few miles east from Leesburg to Herndon. There is an inescapable burden in our hearts to love people into better life in this town and beyond. Now, that we have launched the first Life Ticket Church location, we look forward to reaching more people with this better love that brought us better life. This is no longer the story of the Baker family, instead it is the story of a much bigger family being part of something much bigger than us all.

We would be honored if you joined us in this story.