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Life Ticket Family,

We shared some of the changes to come for our worship gatherings as a church family in our video, “Change is Here”. (You can catch up or watch again on our “Sermons” page).

In summary, we want to see what it would be like to do church based on what God wants!

Here’s what to expect at our gatherings:

  • We will meet every Sunday at 10:30 AM (our usual meeting time).
  • For now (March-May), the 1st Sunday, 2nd Sunday, and 3rd Sunday will be worship meetings at Hilton Dulles Washington Airport Hotel (13869 Park Center Rd, Herndon, VA)
  • For now (March-May), on 4th Sundays, we will meet together for outreach evangelism in our communities.
  • We will start our worship meetings promptly at 10:30 AM with prayer and worship that’s truly corporate (aim to arrive at 10:15 AM).
  • We will all come expectant for God to do something through each of us; come with a song, come with a word of knowledge, a prophecy, a healing, a discernment, a testimony.
  • We will pray together and worship in song. We can’t wait to hear all of our voices together directed toward the One, Jesus Christ!
  • After prayer and worship, we will disperse into smaller groups of 5-7ish people; each group will dive into the scriptures together and share what we gleaned from the scriptures.
  • After our time in the scriptures, each group will share in taking Holy Communion together.
  • For now (March-May), our gathering will conclude with Holy Communion, but there will also be time for continued fellowship after Communion.
  • In the future, this fellowship time after Communion will more than likely include a meal for each group to share together and get to know each other.
  • For now (March-May), we will be using the book, Letters to the Church by Francis Chan for our reading during the week prior to our gathering and diving deep into the scriptures while using the study guide for our discussions during scripture time. Additional books are available for sale at the worship gathering for $12 if interested. We begin with reviewing and discussing our reading of Chapter 1 this Sunday, March 7th.
  • (PreK-5th grade), all children are welcome to worship together with us during prayer and worship. Also, all children who desire to read scriptures with the group are more than welcome to remain with the adults and their parent/guardian.
  • As for the children who are not able to remain with the adults, our Life Ticket Church Children’s ministry will offer lesson guidance and/or activities for small children. Lessons will be led by the parents with hands-on assistance from our children’s ministry leaders.
  • All teens will join the adults in the scripture time as well as the prayer and worship.

Lastly, believers who are further along in their walk with the Lord will be asked to help disciple other believers who are not as far along in their walk with the Lord. Pastors Dorion and Leah have a primary focus to develop leaders within Life Ticket Church who will be shepherding each group.

There’s more to share and questions to come, but for those who choose to embark on this journey with us, we will get there. Most importantly, we remain flexible for God to work through us. We are married to God as the bride of Christ, but we are not married to any model for church!

See you at 10:15 AM on Sunday 🙂

Romans 12:10

Better life in Jesus Christ,

Dorion & Leah Baker, Lead Pastors
Life Ticket Church