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School of Kingdom Ministry

The 2020-2021 School Year

We are accepting applications starting in June 2020.

You can apply by clicking here!

The School of Kingdom Ministry is a supernatural ministry school developed for the everyday person and the everyday church. Our goal is to provide top-notch teaching and equipping to the everyday believer who can’t put their life on hold to attend a training school. We believe ‘everybody gets to play’ and so everybody deserves to be trained.

Life Ticket Church: A Network Location

Life Ticket Church joined the School of Kingdom Ministry network in 2017 and graduated 10 students in September 2018. We experienced incredible growth and saw lives changed over the course of our first year, not only in our students but in our church body as well. We are beyond excited to offer SoKM again for the 2020-2021 school year!

This is a year-long commitment for those looking to cultivate a naturally supernatural lifestyle that results in Kingdom impact. (John 14:12) We want to see you be who God made you to be, to see you move in the power of the Holy Spirit, and to empower you to live out the reality of His Kingdom in your daily life.

Experience SoKM’s unique comprehensive training model:

Teaching: Not only can students expect to receive biblical, in-depth instruction on various aspects of supernatural ministry, but also transformational teachings about how the Kingdom impacts our personal, individual lives through identity, relationship, and worldview. This part of the training is uniform across all SoKM locations to guarantee a uniformity of experience. As a network location, teachings will be delivered digitally as a streamed video series.

Activation: Get your feet wet in the supernatural with a guide to help you along the way! We have a whole curriculum of activities designed to help
you experience and learn to flow with the gifts of the Spirit. These activities take different aspects of supernatural ministry (prophecy, healing, etc) and
break them down to smaller, buildable, exercises. Here, students will minister to each other within the school. This portion is led by local SoKM leader, Dorion Baker.

Practice: Put into practice what you’ve been learning in a number of different ministry contexts! Having a variety of contexts and events in which to practice gives a more rounded and more stretching experience for everyone. Power Evangelism and Worship (Holy Spirit) Nights are just a few examples. A huge benefit of these activities is we begin to see the Kingdom of God invade our own communities! These practice activities are arranged and led by the local SoKM leader.

Next Steps and External Resources

Learn more about SoKMs vision and philosophy as well as pre-requisites and requirements of the program at the official SoKM website here!

Let’s chat…like humans, not robots! Contact Facilitator Leah Baker with any questions you might have about SoKM: 571-244-6808; Info@lifeticketchurch.com

We are accepting applications starting in June 2020.

You can apply by clicking here!

Deadline for applications: August 1, 2020

Classes start Wednesday, September 6, 2020.