Plant Churches

Plant Churches Life Ticket Church has partnered with our orphanage directors/pastors to plant new churches for long-term support for our orphanages and to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups in both remote and non-Christian villages. With the support of our faithful givers, we provide bore wells for villages in desperate need […]

Save Orphans

Save Orphans Life Ticket Church seeks out uncared-for orphans or underserved orphanages to be a lifeline for those in need. We serve over 300 orphans currently. Through our orphanages, we rescue children from slavery, feed, clothe, provide shelter and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. With the support of our faithful givers, we sustain our […]

Street Evangelism

Street Evangelism Life Ticket Church believes disciples make disciples. We encourage believers to get out of their comfort zones to reach the comfortless, to reach those who don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior. We journey out into our communities in groups and individually with the simple message that Jesus loves you. We find street […]

Serving Children

Serving Children Life Ticket Church provides backpacks and school supplies for children each year before the start of the school year. We have partnered with Dairy Queen to provide free backpacks and free ice cream each summer before school starts. We partner with local Parent / Teacher organizations to identify students’ needs in the community.

Serving Families

Serving Families Life Ticket Church believes in freely giving. We offer free clothing giveaways. We provide essential needs for adults, single parents, full-family homes, and the homeless. We provide free blankets and coats. We provide community events on occasion for all to enjoy while spreading the love of Jesus Christ.